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The 4 Best Tenant Screening Tips in Orlando – Property Management 101

Today at RE/MAX 200, I’d like to share the four best screening tips in finding a great tenant for your rental property in Orlando.

National Screening

Florida is a very transient state. We have people relocating here from all over the country and around the state and even from international locations. Doing a national background screening is important so you get a good picture of who your applicant is. Use a national screening company if you don’t have the resources to check credit histories and criminal backgrounds on your own.

Timeliness and Cleanliness

Did your tenant arrive on time for the showing, and were they in a clean car? Dirty cars and late tenants usually equal dirty homes and late rent payments.

Valid Identification

Always obtain a copy of the driver’s license when a tenant decides to fill out an application. Inspect the I.D. carefully, and make sure you check out the holograms that appear on the driver’s license. This will tell you if it’s a valid license.

Approval Timing

If a tenant wants to move in quickly, slow down your approval process. Anyone wanting to move in the same day or the next day could be a tenant who is getting evicted out of another property. Remember that you’ll have this person in your home for a long time; at least three or five or 10 years. So, make sure you select the best tenant for your property.

If you have any questions about tenant screening, please contact us at Re/Max 200 Realty Property Management Division.

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